How to Engage Reluctant Learners

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This post is part of a 5 day blog series titled “How Do I Teach A Reluctant Learner”, part of a community “How Do I Teach…” event generously hosted by The Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Please visit EHM’s website to see all of the titles in this 5 day series.


Are you looking for tips to engage your reluctant learner? In addition to reading the rest of this series (links at the bottom of this post), here are some ideas that have worked in my family, and hopefully will help you turn things around as well.

1) Visit the library. Look for picture books, comic books and magazines on the topics you’re studying. Sure, book-books are ok too, but if your child isn’t into reading breaking it up with short, high-interest bursts of reading could make all the difference.

2) Watch television. I’m not suggesting you let the tv babysit your children, no, but watching educational programming can really turn a disinterested child into an active learner. I highly suggest joining groups like Homeschooling with Netflix & Secular Homeschooling With Netflix & Other Media, or hoping over to your favorite search engine and searching for terms like “streaming media ancient civilizations”. Once you find a show to watch visit Can I Stream It? to see if the program is available on the most popular streaming media services.

3) Get out of the house. Educational opportunities are everywhere, don’t get so wrapped up in books that you forget to look outside. You don’t have to go on a field trip for everything, simply talking to someone who knows about your area of study can be helpful.

4) Play a game. Games exist for every topic out there, one of my favorite publishers of quality, fun & inexpensive games is Professor Noggin. If you can’t find what you want, or the prices are above your budget, or just to reinforce learning, try making your own games.

5) Try a project. Get your child involved in the learning by completing a project. Whether it’s as simple as mapping the Nile River or as complicated as building a backyard roller coaster, involving your child’s hands will engage their heads and hearts.

Check out all of the posts in this series (all links will be active after 8/23/13):
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  1. Thanks for the link to Can I Stream It?! I had no idea there was a site like that.

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